Thursday, 26 July 2012

a clearer image of photo 9 for bracelet instructions! Hope this helps !


  1. I love these & have got the making part of it. My problem comes with going? When i glue, it looks messy but more than that, when glueing slide part, it stops it sliding?
    Help please!!!!
    I love all things u bring to c&c & hope to have pennies soon to buy.
    Thank you
    Caroline x

  2. Apologies for typing mistakes!!

  3. Hi, make sure you are using a clear drying craft glue then you cannot see it when it is done. When gluing your clasp, make sure you glue the top knots only and don't let the glue touch the underneath thread. Glue with small dabs then spread it thinly and evenly. Hope this helps? Happy making! Xx