Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bracelet instructions:

Instructions for my Goddess style bracelet:

Goddess bracelet instructions

1) Take a length of beading wire at least twice as long as your wrist with extra for crimping and finishing off.

2) Take your metal donut and thread your beading wire through the centre holes and over the bar. Push your donut to the centre so you have two equal wire tails. String a crimp bead over both wire tails and push up closely to the metal donut and squash in place with your pliers.

3) Thread one bead onto one of the wire tails and then a jump/split ring onto both tails. Then thread one bead onto the other wire tail and a jump/split ring over both tails. Continue in this fashion to your desired bracelet length.

4) Thread two crimp beads onto both tails and a lobster clasp onto one tail and back through both crimps and the last bead. Pull the wire so the bracelet is pulled together with just a small loop holding the lobster clasp and squash crimps with your pliers. Trim any excess wire tails with your cutters.

5) Thread one bead onto a head/eye pin and turn a loop or wrapped loop to connect it to your bracelet at the lobster clasp loops. Repeat for three or four beads.

* This design works just as well for a necklace just bead a longer length!

Create and Craft shows!

Had a great time yesterday with everyone at Create and Craft! Enjoyed demonstrating my version of the Goddess bracelets that are very popular at the moment! :-)