Saturday, 2 February 2013

Bracelets made up as a necklace! :-)

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Kit instructions!

Fringe bracelets/Necklace instructions


You will need:

Beading needle or similar thin craft needle



Long nose or chain nose pliers


Bees wax ( optional)


Fringe bracelet:

Measure a generous length of beading wire to fit around your wrist with room for crimping. Thread on a crimp bead and one end of your toggle clasp. Run the wire back through the crimp bead and squash in place with your pliers.

Thread on your chosen bead sequence, running any excess wire tail from crimping down your first few beads for security then trim. Crimp at the other end adding the other end of your toggle clasp.. Crimp the bracelet loosely, leaving some space for the beaded fringes between the beads. Again run any wire tail down the first few beads and trim.

Take approx three arm lengths of cotton beading cord. Run it gently across some bees wax if you have any. Thread onto your beading needle leaving a small tail.

Run your needle through the first bead on your bracelet pulling through the thread. Leave a generous tail and thread the tail through your toggle clasp loop for now. ( We will eventually knot it in place.)

Thread on three to five small beads or one larger bead and a seed bead and push the beads up the cord to meet the bracelet where you want them to sit. Run your needle back down all of the beads EXCEPT the last one you threaded on.(This will be your stopper bead) and pull tight. You should have a little beaded fringe. Take your needle and thread through the next bead on your bracelet and pull tight so your fringe sits in place between your beads.

Continue steps four and five right the way down one side of your bracelet. When your needle reaches the last bead, thread your remaining cord through your toggle clasp loop for now. ( We will knot it in place later)

Repeat steps 1-6 down the other side of your bracelet, running your needle through the main beads on your bracelet and adding fringes as you go. When you reach the end, use the cotton thread you looped through your toggle and the end of the thread you are using now and tie a double knot just above your first bead.

Repeat the whole process again two times ( Going up the bracelet and down again) so you have added four rows of fringes. Knot any loose cord ends and add a dab of glue to all knots for security!

You can add as many rows of fringes as you like and can manage to fit through the holes in the beads. The more rows the fuller the bracelet! I stopped at four!


To make the second bracelet:


Take a bracelet length of beading wire with room for crimping as in the steps before and add your toggle clasp and crimp in place.

Thread on your pearl beads to your desired length and crimp the other end of your toggle clasp in place as before! Crimp tightly this time with no room between the beads.


To make your two bracelets into a necklace simply connect the toggle clasps together at each end!

Designer tips:


If you are getting in a muddle working with long lengths of cord, use shorter lengths and just knot them in place when finished and add more cord as you go.


The fringes will get easier as you go along. Use your fingers to push the beads up to your bracelet before running your needle back down them.


Experiment with different bead combinations for your fringes to really get the desired effect!

Peacock two bracelet that turns into a necklace set!



Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bracelet instructions:

Instructions for my Goddess style bracelet:

Goddess bracelet instructions

1) Take a length of beading wire at least twice as long as your wrist with extra for crimping and finishing off.

2) Take your metal donut and thread your beading wire through the centre holes and over the bar. Push your donut to the centre so you have two equal wire tails. String a crimp bead over both wire tails and push up closely to the metal donut and squash in place with your pliers.

3) Thread one bead onto one of the wire tails and then a jump/split ring onto both tails. Then thread one bead onto the other wire tail and a jump/split ring over both tails. Continue in this fashion to your desired bracelet length.

4) Thread two crimp beads onto both tails and a lobster clasp onto one tail and back through both crimps and the last bead. Pull the wire so the bracelet is pulled together with just a small loop holding the lobster clasp and squash crimps with your pliers. Trim any excess wire tails with your cutters.

5) Thread one bead onto a head/eye pin and turn a loop or wrapped loop to connect it to your bracelet at the lobster clasp loops. Repeat for three or four beads.

* This design works just as well for a necklace just bead a longer length!

Create and Craft shows!

Had a great time yesterday with everyone at Create and Craft! Enjoyed demonstrating my version of the Goddess bracelets that are very popular at the moment! :-)





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